User-driven design and cost-saving solutions

Local Data Solutions is a Morgantown, WV based software development company serving local, state, and federal agencies and West Virginia businesses. We provide cost-effective software design, development and Microsoft Azure cloud hosting services to businesses and institutions. Our approach to software development ensures businesses and institutions leverage modern technologies to address everything from simple Web Presence to the most complicated of business processes. At Local Data Solutions, each application developed is unique for each customer’s needs and business model. A custom application solution requires professional planning from the beginning. Our experienced team of analysts and programmers have a comprehensive understanding of the technical and personal aspects involved in software development. An application is a combination of multiple technologies and disciplines such as requirements analysis, UX/UI design approaches, programming, system infrastructure, and more. Our highly-trained team uses modern and proven approaches with technologies for addressing your business needs.

Our services include:

  • Process-based Custom Solution Design
  • Standards-compliant (HIPAA, FedRAMP, etc.) Development, Hosting, and Documentation
  • Secure Hosting Environments with Independent Auditing
  • Custom Business Systems and Applications
  • COTS Product Implementation and Support
  • Content Management System

Why choose Local Data Solutions?

Local Data Solutions provides user-driven design and implementation solutions for public and private clients.

Robust, Enterprise-level Environment

Local Data Solutions leverages the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to provide everything from simple websites to full company Intranets. All solutions reduce costs for our clients by providing a large-business infrastructure for a fraction of the cost for implementing it internally. Small Businesses can now leverage previously cost-prohibitive, big-business technologies with our proven approaches. This Environment provides the following possibilities:

  • Highly Secure Environment
  • Enterprise-level Servers and Software
  • Fully Scalable Infrastructure
  • No Large, Up-front Investment

Client-driven System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Local Data Solutions employs a tailored SDLC for each client and solution. Often, SDLC is implemented improperly with unneeded documentation or process for process’ sake causing ambiguous project direction, long deployment delays or other issues. Local Data Solutions has developed agile and flexible project plans with client

  • Color
  • Page Layout
  • Text Properties
  • Menu Style
  • Header
  • Footer

Custom Business Systems

Local Data Solutions designs and builds custom business systems to client specifications. A custom business system from Local Data Solutions will fulfill your business needs and improve your workflow. Building a system to enhance current business processes reduce costs by reducing training, improving internal communications, and streamlining complex workflows.

Advantages Include:

  • Email and Text Alerts to Decrease Process Delays
  • Input Validation for Improved Data Accuracy
  • More Time to Focus on Priorities with Reduced Administration
  • Work and Data Access from Anywhere Securely
  • High ROI for Your Business as a Focus, not an Afterthought