WVU Birth Score Database

  • School of Pediatrics, HSC, West Virginia University

Hosting and implementing new features for the Birth Score database system for the WVU Research Corporation and the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (WVDHHR). This system collects childbirth information from more than 35 hospitals and clinics across the state of West Virginia. The collected data are used to identify and track infants who are at the highest risk for health and developmental problems, to ensure these children have access to appropriate health and special-care systems. The hospital uses a screening checklist to identify babies with a greater likelihood of health problems in the first year of life. The families of at-risk children residing in West Virginia will be referred to doctors of their choice, as well as to Office of Maternal, Child, and Family Health (OMCFH) Health Check Program Specialists, or Right From The Start Program nurses or social workers (called Designated Care Coordinators), who are available to offer information and support services.

Newborn Hearing Screening


In 1998, the West Virginia state legislature amended Chapter Sixteen of the Code of West Virginia by adding Articles 22A and 22B. Article 22A requires the testing of newborn infants for hearing loss, and requires that physicians or midwives attending a live birth ensure that a test for hearing loss is performed. Article 22B authorizes the Bureau for Public Health to establish and implement the Birth Score program and requires that hospitals, birthing facilities, attending physicians, and other persons attending a birth determine a birth score.

Developed and Hosting the Newborn Hearing Screening system, a case-management system for the WVDHHR. This system is designed to automate and simplify many of the tasks related to managing infants with hearing loss or impairment. In addition, the system produces annual reports that will be submitted to the CDC. This system is HIPAA-compliant and meets or exceeds federal information-technology security requirements.

Student Rotations System

The rotations system provides nursing students with logging online patient and activity logs. It also lets faculty manage students, preceptors and site information. The system provides faculty with the ability to run custom reports and statistics. Administrators of the system can manage the application data, submission deadlines, preceptors and sites information.

West Virginia Health Careers and Opportunity Programs

The HCOP project provides students with online application submission and evaluation surveys for various health career programs. The system provides councelors with the ability to evaluate applications and view statistics. Administrators of the system can manage the application data, submission deadlines and all counselor functionalities.

West Virginia Prescription Drug Abuse Quitline

  • HSC, West Virginia University

Online survey data collection for WV Prescription Drug Abuse Quitline. This online application written in using SQL Server database. The application allows a staff member to search for a caller or add a new caller to the system. Once a caller is selected or created, the system provides a selection of surveys to complete. After a survey is selected, the survey guides the user through each question and possible responses. Each response is recorded in a database that lets administrative staff run reports on the database.